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working hard vs working smart
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On Working Hard vs Working Smart

You have probably heard the saying – work smart, not hard.  And it looks like a very…

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Lessons On My Birthday – January 7th, 2024

In a land of reality, and a time of technology, the destinies of a great many people…

The gambler’s fallacy makes people think that the probability of rolling a six changes based on previous rolls.
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How the Gambler’s Fallacy Can Ruin Your Chances of Success

Imagine you were in a dice-throwing competition. You’ve been throwing 6 for the last ten times in…

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But Is Luck The Only Factor In Success?

In the last post, we looked at the role of luck in success. How luck is a…

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They Just Got Lucky: The Role of Luck in Success

You have probably heard that luck is when opportunity meets with preparation, and that seems to put…

5 Rules For Financial Freedom
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5 Rules For Financial Freedom

Although success means different things to different people, I think everyone will agree that we all want…

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How to Create Success Out of Failure

Now that we have established that failure is a requirement for success, what are specific things you…

failure is necessary for success
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Why Failure is Required for Success

Failure is not just something you succeed in spite of, it is a necessary part of success.

how to know what to work hard on
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How To Know What to Work Hard On

When I wrote about the age-old debate about whether it is better to work hard or work…

samuel oloyede
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Lessons On My Birthday – Jan. 7th, 2023

It’s my birthday! And here, I chronicle the major lessons life has taught me in the past year.

overcoming impostor syndrome professional
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How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome For The Professional

Previously, I wrote about overcoming impostor syndrome if you’re a beginner who does not yet have a…

if you think you're not good enough
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If You Think You Are Not Good Enough, You Probably Are Not Good Enough

And that is a good thing.  The feeling of not being good enough is called imposter syndrome…

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How To Save Even When You Have Needs

Or, put another way, how to save when your expenses are greater than your income. Or how…

person using the calculator and holding money
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How To Spend Your Money

When a wise farmer harvests his crops, he first takes out a portion and keeps it for…

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A Good Workman Never Blames His Tools

Mikey is an artist. He loves to paint very much, and can paint on any surface he…

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Does Money Bring Happiness?

That’s the million-dollar question. It’s been asked in all shapes, sizes, and forms – does money or…

(text - 5 ways to cope and thrive when you fail)a man sitting on the floor, hit hard by a recent failure
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How To Cope With Failure

5 ways to cope, and even thrive, when failure comes your way You are going to fail…

you can not get anywhere in life without taking risks
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You Can Not Get Anywhere In Life Without Taking Risks

Life is short. Everybody has dreams they want to accomplish, but tomorrow is not certain. Yet many…

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Aka, can I be rich as an employee? First, let us define ‘rich’. How do you define…

Picture showing the four temperaments and their characters
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What Career Should I Choose Based On My Personality?

Humans naturally have areas we are very good at, and this is usually determined by our personality. Therefore, it will be best to consider our personalities when determining our career choice to have the best chance at success.