It makes the world go round, but most of us are taught to hate it from a young age.

In our heart of hearts, we all secretly desire it (unless you’re a monk), but most of us live our lives pretending it means nothing to us.

“Oh, it’s not that important. I don’t even think about it that much. Honest”. Yeah, right. You don’t think about it at all. You only think about money for a paltry 16 hours in a day.

For many of us, we’re raised to see money as a taboo topic. Don’t ever discuss it at the dinner table. If someone gives you a task to do, put off mentioning money for as long as possible. In fact, don’t ever talk about it at all, if possible.

When you’re asked how much you’ll take for the project, don’t charge how much you really think you’re worth. Otherwise, they’re going to think you are greedy.

Instead, mumble some statements, and then tell them to give you whatever they think is okay.

And there’s that talk about money being the root of all evil (never mind that’s not what the verse actually said).

We’re taught to work hard but to hate money. Wonder what else we’re working hard for?

If you want to learn about money, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll learn about money from all angles: the psychology of it, how to manage it, how to multiply it, how to fix your relationship with it, and much more. You’ll learn how to get rich without getting lucky.

I used to be that guy who did not have enough money for his basic needs, talk less of getting money for other good things life has to offer. Then I got tired of it all and decided to learn about money. If some people are living a life free of money worries, why can’t I too?

Luckily, these things aren’t genetic. They can be taught, and so I began to learn them. This website is the result of that quest for knowledge. The things I learned have been immensely helpful to me, and I decided to pay it forward by teaching others too.

On this website, you’ll learn many things. One of them is the most important thing you must learn about money – that it starts with your mindset. I also discuss some much-debated topics about money, like if being an entrepreneur is the only way for you to get rich; whether money buys happiness, or whether you should work hard or work smart to make money.

As you read through, please leave comments when you see things you like. It helps others find me. And pay it forward by sharing it with friends and family who will benefit from the topics.

Welcome to my personal finance website, and I wish you the best of luck in your learning journey.

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