Wealth building is a process, and processes take time.

Building wealth is a process. Processes take time.

“It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success

Lionel Messi

Quick Trivia: 5 things you didn’t know about the Chinese bamboo:

  • Chinese Bamboo holds Guinness World Record
  • Chinese Bamboo is Very strong
  • Chinese Bamboo is Naturally antibacterial
  • Chinese Bamboo is Safe to eat
  • Chinese Bamboo can be used as a deodorant 

(read full article here – Five facts about the Chinese Bamboo tree – Belle Chinese Japanese Calligraphy Painting Art and Craft Blog).

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to plant a tree today and start plucking fruits from it tomorrow?

Although, I am not quite sure how many people would love to eat from such a tree but, you get the idea.

However, nature has made it so that such a thing is not likely to happen. Or if you do know of a situation where such has happened, pray tell me.

And it does have its advantages, too.

For example, the longer a tree grows, the deeper and firmer its roots get. This deep and firm root helps it be able to withstand great storms.

If a tree were to rush its growth, it probably will not have time to develop its roots enough to weather the storms of time. And imagine that there are trees which live hundreds of years. Could they survive that long on tender roots?

Any great endeavors take time. 

That is why the idea of overnight success is a really ridiculous one. There’s no such thing as overnight success. 

In reality, what is termed overnight success is lots of hard work away from public eyes. A (sometimes) insanely large amount of time spent in the valley of the unknown, building and building.

And then, when the process takes off, people think this person just became successful all of a sudden. 

No, people do not become successful all of a sudden. Success takes time.

You must have heard about the Chinese bamboo?

As I heard it tell, when it is planted, it shows absolutely no sign at all that it is growing. And it remains this way for up to 5 years.

And then one day, bam! It starts growing so rapidly that (as some claim) you can physically see it growing before your very eyes.

Now, during those five years that it refused to show up, if you, as the planter, were to stop nurturing it, it’s going to die and you’re never going to see results.

But if you have patience and persevere for five years, you’re going to get a plant with such great benefits.

So, should you try for quick success, or, like the bamboo tree, wait patiently until your “overnight success” shows up?

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