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The gambler’s fallacy makes people think that the probability of rolling a six changes based on previous rolls.
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How the Gambler’s Fallacy Can Ruin Your Chances of Success

Imagine you were in a dice-throwing competition. You’ve been throwing 6 for the last ten times in…

5 Rules For Financial Freedom
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5 Rules For Financial Freedom

Although success means different things to different people, I think everyone will agree that we all want…

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How To Save Even When You Have Needs

Or, put another way, how to save when your expenses are greater than your income. Or how…

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Does Money Bring Happiness?

That’s the million-dollar question. It’s been asked in all shapes, sizes, and forms – does money or…

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Aka, can I be rich as an employee? First, let us define ‘rich’. How do you define…

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How To Raise Money For Anything

Back in 2021, I saw a course that I really, really wanted to sign up for. It…

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Money is the Root of All Evil? 

So, money is the root of all evil.

Then why does the bible say we should work hard, that whoever does not work should not eat?

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Want To Be Rich? Start With Why

So, you want to make money. You want to become wildly successful, maybe the richest man in…

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Want To Be Rich? Give Out A Part Of Your Incomes

You have heard that givers never lack, but why is that so? What does this mean for you, and what is the significance of this principle in becoming successful?

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What if You Won a Million Dollars?

A lot of research suggests that about 1 out of every 3 persons who won the lottery are likely to go broke within a few years. 

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How Does Money work?