Success is First and Foremost a Mindset Thing.

Have you heard any of these?

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Be it unto you according to your faith.

As you have said in my ears, so will I do.

What do all these have in common? They all relate an idea of something starting from the realm of thoughts or mind, then manifesting physically.

You must realize that our inner world controls our outer world.

I know we all like to feel that we’re in control of our actions, but your subconscious is more in control in reality.

For example, can you make your heart skip a beat right now?

Okay, that is too complex. How about when you are walking, do you control exactly how you do it?

Sure, you can consciously decide to alter your pace, or stop suddenly.

But how often do you pay attention to the process of putting one foot in front of the other?

Can you confidently say you control your pace EVERY TIME you walk, or is your pace a result of your walking habit?

In reality, your habits control most of the way you do things, which means you do most things on autopilot, without thinking about it, which means your subconscious is mostly in control.

If so, then what is controlling the subconscious? Well, that is a little bit of a story.

You see, as we grow up through life, we are taught many different things.

How to walk and talk, what is acceptable in society, what to do when someone offers you help you didn’t ask for, how much money is “righteous” to have, etc.

These things subtly but surely shape the way you think, which in turn controls the way you look at life.

So, even though you are now an adult and you have learned things, you find yourself automatically responding in certain ways to situations.

And if these mindset programmings are the wrong kind, they are going to keep you down.

Then is all hope lost? Is there no way out?

Congratulations! There is.

Remember the way your subconscious is formed? Through what you have heard and been taught as you grow? That is the same way you reform it.

You need to start learning new sets of beliefs. Beliefs that empower you instead of hold you down.

Slowly but surely, if you keep at it, you will start to notice changes in your thought patterns. In the way you respond to situations.

Note, however, nobody said it’s going to happen with the snap of a finger.

Remember we’re talking about beliefs you have acquired your whole life. Maybe twenty years or more. You don’t think you’re going to upend everything within a few days, do you?

You have to keep at it. Keep adopting new, empowering beliefs. Learn from the word of God how you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Learn the word that says “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”.

And I assure you that as you keep at it, your life will start to change.

You still have enough time to reinvent yourself!

Samuel is an avid reader and a freelance writer, in that order. He fancies himself funny, but his friends regularly don't laugh at his jokes. I have been a student of personal development for several years, and I created this blog to share my knowledge with others and help them become better versions of themselves.

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