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The gambler’s fallacy makes people think that the probability of rolling a six changes based on previous rolls.
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How the Gambler’s Fallacy Can Ruin Your Chances of Success

Imagine you were in a dice-throwing competition. You’ve been throwing 6 for the last ten times in…

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But Is Luck The Only Factor In Success?

In the last post, we looked at the role of luck in success. How luck is a…

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They Just Got Lucky: The Role of Luck in Success

You have probably heard that luck is when opportunity meets with preparation, and that seems to put…

overcoming impostor syndrome professional
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How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome For The Professional

Previously, I wrote about overcoming impostor syndrome if you’re a beginner who does not yet have a…

(text - 5 ways to cope and thrive when you fail)a man sitting on the floor, hit hard by a recent failure
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How To Cope With Failure

5 ways to cope, and even thrive, when failure comes your way You are going to fail…

how to solve world hunger
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How To Solve World Hunger

While there is a noble intention behind it, could there be something wrong with telling someone to solve world hunger?

how to think big and start small
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How To Think Big And Start Small

There lived a man who loved apples very much. Apple was his favorite fruit. He had to…

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Are You Willing to Make Mistakes?

Would you rather avoid embarrassment not doing something you have never done before, or risk embarrassment in trying to do it?