The Old Man, The Donkey, And The Urgent 2k

Photo by FRANK MERIÑO// Pexels

Once upon a time, there was an old man who had a donkey. And as you know, donkeys, by their nature, are hardworking. They are known as beasts of burden. 

This old man had no family to care for him, but luckily, he got his donkey, and with it, he could do all sorts of job and get money to have a decent life. 

Then everything changed!

One day, a neighbor’s car broke down, and he had to take some wares to the market. 

Out of any other option, this neighbor turned to our old man and asked to pleeease, be allowed to borrow the donkey for a few hours. After all, he (old man) was not currently using the beast. 

Wanting to be seen as the nice neighbor, or maybe trying to avoid being labeled wicked (you know people), our nice old man agreed. 

It’s just for a few hours.

Time flies, and donkey was returned. Life goes on smoothly. 

Then another day, another neighbor’s wife got into labor and she needed to be taken urgently to the hospital. 

Well, since carrying her is not an option, the old man and his donkey came to mind. 

‘That is the humane thing to do’, and our old man brought out the donkey by his rope, and off they went to the hospital. 

A couple of days later, a friend’s mother got sick and the donkey was again borrowed. 

After that, the car of a neighbor two streets away broke down while coming back from the farm. 

Quick! The donkey has helped transport the farm produce home. 

What a nice old man! What a hard-working donkey! 

Soon enough, everybody was talking about the very nice old man and his hard-working donkey, while borrowing him to carry everything you could think of. 

But the poor donkey was getting overworked. Very overworked. And dear old man, who saw this, simply couldn’t stop lending him out to people. 

People wouldn’t understand if he started refusing them, and they will label him ‘wicked/selfish’. 

Until one day. 

The poor donkey slumped and gave up the ghost while carrying a particularly heavy load of foodstuff to the market. 

Oh, what a pity! But business must go on. 

The ‘neighbor’ whose load the donkey was carrying quickly found an alternative to getting his wares to the market, and business was not really affected that day. He didn’t arrive at the market too late. 

He came back and offered the old man a paltry sum as compensation for the unfortunate incident. 

Left with no choice, our old man collected it, and the money lasted five whole days! 

And life goes on. 

Well, for everybody else, that is. 

Since there’s now no donkey, people stopped coming to borrow it. 

Somehow, all these people are still able to carry all their heavy luggage from point a to point c, without any hassles. 

The people had simply moved on. After all, that is all anybody can do when misfortune strikes. Move on. 

But dear old man is back to square zero, poor and hungry. 

But life goes on. For everybody else. 

Oh wait, you still haven’t figured it out? 

You, my friend, are that old man. 

The donkey is your current source of income

And the ‘neighbors’ are those ‘friends’ and ‘families’ that are fond of borrowing urgent 2k from you. 

But are you supposed to learn a lesson from somewhere in this story? I don’t know. 

I think the point was just to entertain you with the story of an old man 👴🏾, a donkey🐐, and an urgent 2k 💵. 

Samuel is an avid reader and a freelance writer, in that order. He fancies himself funny, but his friends regularly don't laugh at his jokes. I have been a student of personal development for several years, and I created this blog to share my knowledge with others and help them become better versions of themselves.

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