What if You Won a Million Dollars?

Let me ask you a question. Do not think too much about it. Just go with the first answer that comes to mind. 

If you were given a million dollars right now, what is the first thing you would do with it? 

How would you spend the rest of the money? 

Your answer to that question speaks a lot about what your future looks like. 

If your answer goes along the lines of buying something you’ve always wanted, etc, things that generally involve you spending the money, then we have a problem. Things are not looking good. 

You still have some serious soul searching to do. 

You must have heard about lottery winners 

A lot of research suggests that about 1 out of every 3 persons who won the lottery are likely to go broke within a few years. 

The reason? As soon as they win this huge amount of money they were not even expecting, they go on a spending spree. 

Everything just suddenly seems like they must have it or they cannot have a complete life. 

Have you ever had that experience? 

You get an unexpected amount of money, and all of a sudden, you feel like you just have to buy things. Those things feel absolutely important for you to have. 

It takes real discipline to control the urge. It’s not easy. 

You have already heard the advice that you should not be the kind of person who buys things they do not need, with money they do not have, to impress people they do not know. 

It’s sound advice. 

And even more, do not buy things you do not need because you have the means to buy them. 

When that urge to buy things come, you can try the following exercise:

Ask yourself, “if I don’t own this thing right now, what’s the worst that could happen?”. 

Remember when we spoke about fear-setting? It works here too. 

Most of the time, you will find out that the answer to that question is – nothing. 

If you are able to overcome the urge, that’s extra money that could go into something that matters. 

So remember, 

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